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Visionary Ears
Diane Durrett has an intuitive sense of a song’s potential:
“When I hear the bare-bones of a song; melody & music in its simplest form I can hear how the voice and other instruments can come together to support the singer and song, as well as listening to the artist’s ideas. When the artist has a feeling for what they want, I listen.”

“When recording a vocal or instrument I try to inspire the artist to create their most emotional and best performance for each track.”

“There is no shortage of great talent, but few people have the skills and background to organize a recording session or possess the background knowledge to spend money wisely. I know professional musicians, studios & engineers. I’ll organize your sessions to inspire and guide everyone involved to create best performance possible for a great sound recording.”


Current clients include Julie Thames (two CDs), Kelsey Oakley (single) Diane Durrett (Chill and Rhythm Of Life)

Primerica – “Fly From the Mountain”*
Kroger – “Whatever Makes Your Soul Sing”*

*(Written and co-produced with Jayne Olderman)

Movie Sound Track:
“Everybody Wins” from the film “The Unseen”

Additional Services

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT – Diane’s goal is to take a singer and/or songwriter to the next level and assist them in reaching their highest potential.

VOICE COACH – Diane offers private lessons in vocal technique and song interpretation.

SONGWRITING – Diane teaches the craft of songwriting through private lessons and clinics.

For more information Contact Diane at Email.

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