Grammys On the Hill

Diane was a representative when the worlds of music and politics came together  in Washington D.C. at the Grammys On the Hill event April 6th. She joined other music leaders to speak with US Senators about issues that impact music creators and performers. Because Diane has international radio airplay, one issue that she spoke about in particular is that US terrestrial radio does not pay performance royalties. Most countries DO pay their artists these royalties. But because the US doesn’t pay performance royalties, in turn they do not pay American performers. It’s income lost for artists as well as taxable income for US. Most music fans would be surprised to know that Whitney Houston was never paid a performance royalty for the songs you heard her sing on the radio.

Grammy Bound!!

Diane & Junebug had a great time at the 2017 Grammys in LA!!

One of the highlights for Diane was going to the Producer & Engineer Wing

celebration honoring producer Jack White.  Diane serves on the the Atlanta

Recording Academy Producer & Engineer committee.  As a producer her first

record was  “50,000 Volts of Soul” released in 1993. 

Grammy Pro – Atlanta – Chapter Board Spotlight – Diane Durrett


What does The Recording Academy® and/or the Atlanta Chapter specifically mean to you?

I’ve been an independent artist running my own production company most of my career. When I started getting involved with The Recording Academy I really felt a sense of camaraderie with like-minded professional people who love music. We are a unified voice for our industry.

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Diane Durrett’s Soul Suga’ Review by Tulsa’s Blues News


Diane Durrett: SOUL SUGA’:
(Blooming Tunes Music)
Diane Durrett’s latest CD Soul Suga’, literally swept me off my feet. Discovery is always so cool; something different; something exciting; cruzin’ music deluxe. Good music starts with great talent, songs, lyrics, engineering and smooth production. Soul Suga’ has all these things in spades. Diane’s vocals are as smooth as a baby’s behind. She has great help on this wonderful CD from her Atlanta, GA friends such as Yonrico Scott, June Bug Massey, Randall Bramblett and Tinsely Ellis. Songs of note are numerous, and plentiful such as Show Up Sexy, All is Well, Be Somebody’s Angel, Push the Push Back and my favorite track, WooHoo (I got a little woohoo in my hoohoo; I need a little woohoo from you), which was nominated for a Grammy. Some may blush at the sexyiness, and the cheekiness of these blues shuffling numbers, but it sweetens’ my cup of tea. God, I love my job! – Freddie Morrow

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SOUL SUGA’ and Diane Durrett
Butter's in the Skillet
Sassy Larue
All Is Well

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