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From La Hora del Blues in Spain (11/14/2015) - All followers and lovers of the great voices of rhythm and blues, have now the opportunity to enjoy with the amazing talent of an extraordinary singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer called Diane Durrett. This brilliant new album includes eleven songs … Continue reading
Blues 247 ~ England UK (10/20/2015) - BLues 247, in Norfolk, England UK, says “If you’re in the market for a soul album, this one is well worth checking out. Great vocals.”
Blues Matters Review (9/8/2015) -   UK SOUL SUGA’ & DIANE DURRETT
 Blooming Tunes Music
 To be honest I did not know much about this lady other than the name being well revered. Durrett has opened shows for Tina Turner, Faith Hill, Little Feat, Delbert … Continue reading
7th on Roots Music Reports in August (9/2/2015) - Roots Music Report - #7 Comtemporary Blues Album Continue reading
Review from WTJU, Richmond, VA (8/13/2015) - Two decades into her performing career, Durrett has a style somewhat reminiscent of New Orleans, but actually is based in Atlanta. Continue reading
Nashville Blues Society review by Don and Sheryl (7/22/2015) - Diane Durrett is one of those rare female singers that you’ll always remember as soon as you hear her for the first time. She has just released her seventh set, on Blooming Tunes music, and entitled “Soul Suga.” There are … Continue reading
Soul Suga & Diane Durrett #10 on the Contemporary Blues Chart! (7/15/2015) - #10 on the Contemporary Blues Roots Music Chart! Continue reading
Music Morsels Review by Mark Waterbury (7/8/2015) - Veteran vocalist Diane Durrett will absolutely knock you out with this wonderful effort. Soulful, bluesy, sassy and sultry, she has one of those voices that could enthrall you acapella… READ COMPLETE REVIEW
Soul Suga’ review on Blues Festival Guide (6/23/2015) - Those who think powerful singing comes from shouting need to hear the golden pipes and soul- penetrating talent of Diane Durrett. The extraordinary singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer effortlessly exudes a full range of emotions on her seventh lusty release, Soul … Continue reading
Soul Suga’ review on Reflections in Blue (6/23/2015) - Bill Wilson posted the following review… Excerpt… Diane Durrett bring everything she’s got to this project and unleashes it all with all the power of a runaway train, with one exception…this woman is in total control.  The list of friends who … Continue reading